Say Goodbye To Your Debt Using The Snowball Method

Paying off your debts is never easy. Especially when you have multiple accounts you need to settle. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways you can get rid of your debt, but if you want to get rid of it fast, here’s a method for you. The snowball method.  What’s a snowball method? The ...Read More

Gold Soars Amid Fears Over Coronavirus Economic Impact

Gold prices jumped up nearly three percent on Monday as traders opt for secure investments amid the rising cases of coronavirus infections outside of China. CNBC reported that the price of gold went up by 2.8 percent, its highest finish since February 2013, as stocks around the world dropped to their lowest ...Read More

Is Bitcoin Safe?

As everyone watches in horror as the world’s stock markets fall, people are looking for ways to protect their money. One of the options that people see right now is Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency that is available now. What Is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that is ...Read More

24 states that raised minimum wage rates in 2020

The minimum wage rate has climbed up at the beginning year for workers in 20 states, and workers in four other states are expecting to see a rise in their salaries before the end of the year. States and localities can set their own rates, under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. ...Read More

To Buy Or Rent a Home

To buy or not to buy? That’s the question many young professionals face. For many, buying a house will be the biggest financial transaction they will be making. So, if you’re thinking about buying your own home now, it is okay for you to think twice about it. Buy Or Rent The ...Read More

DON’T Follow These Financial Tips from Experts

Need financial advice? Just do a search on Google and you’ll get more ideas that you can implement in a lifetime. The problem is that not all of the financial tips are sound and okay. Some are even just plain bad. Financial Tips You Should NOT Follow It can be troubling how ...Read More

Money Tips in the Time of the Coronavirus

With the coronavirus quickly spreading the global economy is taking a huge hit.  The U.S. stocks had their worst single-day performance since 1987 and although they have recovered somewhat because of the promised stimulus from the government, the situation is still highly unstable.  With the economy entering unchartered territory, most people are ...Read More

Is Income Property the Best Investment?

One of the problems that a first-time investor will have to deal with is the abundance of options. Too many options mean that you might have a hard time picking which investment to go for. If you like to choose the option that most people pick, then real estate should be your ...Read More

Effective Financial Tips to Follow

Every New Year, you see a lot of people making resolutions on social media. Those include financial changes that they will implement in their lives. You don’t have to wait for a new year to get started.  You can overhaul your finances at any point. You can do it now. Here are ...Read More

Not So Crazy Now: How to Do Financial Prepping

In the past, preppers were seen in the same light as conspiracy theorists. People considered them to be one step away from being full-blown crazy. With the pandemic now affecting everyone, preppers are now more like prophets. Prepping actually makes a great deal of sense. If there’s one thing that people are ...Read More